90W 19.5V 4.62A PA3E PA-3E Slim AC Power Adapter Charger for Dell Laptop Dell Inspiron


  • INPUT: AC/DC 100-240V 50-60Hz; OUTPUT: 19.5V 4.62A. Power: 90W
  • CONNECTOR SIZE: 7.4mm * 5.0mm (Refer the pictures)
  • Laimate Laptop 65W 90W Slim AC Adapter Dell Inspiron E1505 E1705 X200 XPS Zino HD Latitude 10 11 3150 3180 3189 12 7204 7204 Rugged 7214 Rugged Extreme 7280 13 13 3330 Series
  • Compatible Part Numbers:W6KV 2H098 6KXKH 7W104 99H58 9RCDC DF266 DF315 J62H3 K8WXN KDSHY MK947 MRNFT MV2MM P0PT9 T2357 UC473 UU572 W6KV WK890 Y4M8K YD9W8 YY20N 310-2862 310-3399 450-10471 AA90PM111 ADP-90AH FA ADP-90LD B ADP90VH B DA90PE3-00 DA90PM111 DA90PS2-00 ES90PE1-00 FA90PM111 HA90PE1-00 LA65NM130 LA90PE1-01 LA90PM111 LA90PS0-00 LA90PS1-01 P0PT9 PA10 PA-1900-01D3 PA-1900-28D PA-1900-32D PA-3E
  • PACKAGE: 1 X OEM AC adapter (include power cord)30 Day Money Back Guarantee / 12 Month Warranty

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16 in stock

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Item Specification:
INPUT: 100-240V 50-60Hz 1.5A(for worldwide use)
OUTPUT: 19.5V 4.62A, 90W
Connecter size: 7.4 mm×5.0 mm, with central pin inside (ref to the picture).
Power cord LED indicator

Compatible Part Numbers: 0W6KV, 2H098, 6KXKH, 7W104, 99H58, 9RCDC, DF266, DF315, J62H3, K8WXN, KDSHY , MK947, MRNFT, MV2MM, P0PT9,
T2357, UC473, UU572, W6KV, WK890, Y4M8K , YD9W8 , YY20N , 310-2862, 310-3399, 450-10471, AA90PM111, ADP-90AH FA,
ADP-90LD B, ADP90VH B, DA90PE3-00, DA90PM111, DA90PS2-00, ES90PE1-00 , FA90PM111, HA90PE1-00, LA65NM130, LA90PE1-01 , LA90PM111,
LA90PS0-00, LA90PS1-01 , P0PT9, PA10, PA-1900-01D3, PA-1900-28D , PA-1900-32D, PA-3E, 00W6KV, 02H098, 06KXKH,
07W104, 099H58, 09RCDC, 0DF266, 0DF315, 0J62H3, 0K8WXN, 0KDSHY , 0MK947, 0MRNFT, 0MV2MM, 0P0PT9, 0T2357, 0UC473, 0UU572, 0W6KV,
0WK890, 0Y4M8K , 0YD9W8 , 0YY20N , O0W6KV, O2H098, O6KXKH, O7W104, O99H58, O9RCDC, ODF266, ODF315,
OJ62H3, OK8WXN, OKDSHY , OMK947, OMRNFT, OMV2MM, OP0PT9, OT2357, OUC473, OUU572, OW6KV, OWK890, OY4M8K , OYD9W8 , OYY20N


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